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The power that made the body, HEALS THE BODY.

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New Orleans Chiropractor

Thank you for visiting the website of New Orleans Chiropractor Dr. Joshua Rilette and Upper Cervical Family Chiropractic & Wellness, a professional New Orleans chiropractic clinic. In practice as well as online, New Orleans Louisiana chiropractor Dr. Rilette strives for excellence through superior patient treatment, education and satisfaction.

Within our website, New Orleans and surrounding area residents will find all types of health and wellness related information including information about our office and services, chiropractic, back and neck pain, work and auto injuries and much more.

We hope you enjoy the information within and share it with others. Thank you for visiting and remember to come back often. 

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Safe and Effective Care

Upper Cervical Family Chiropractic & Wellness utilizes a number of individualized therapies and techniques to make your road to pain relief, recovery, and total-body-wellness efficient, effective and worthwhile. We strive for excellence through superior patient treatment, education and satisfaction.

Our focused services include:

If you are currently suffering from a health problem, would like more information, or have questions you'd like answered, please contact our office today.

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Products For Better Health

As your family chiropractor, we conveniently offer the best wellness and pain relief products, detox aids, supplements, and immune boosting tinctures right here in our office.

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We all go to doctors at some point, but in reality your body is your best doctor. This is actually obvious once you give it some thought. For instance, if you cut yourself your body will begin the healing process by forming a blood clot. You don't have to do anything to start the process, it just happens! You can clean, disinfect, bandage or even stitch the area, but those actions are just aiding the body in it's healing process.

The part of your body that controls the healing process, as well as every other process in your body, is your brain. It communicates with all the cells in your entire body through your brain stem, spinal cord and nerves. If anything interferes with the signals going to or from any cell in your body then that cell will be dysfunctional. At Upper Cervical Family Chiropractic, we work to locate and remove the interference so that your brain can communicate clearly with your body. Removing interference will then allow the body to repair and heal itself and enable it to function at its optimum level.

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Dr. Joshua Rilette, D.C.

Dr. Joshua Rilette, D.C.

Dr. Joshua Rilette is on a mission to teach as many... Read More >>

Dr. Peter Toumba

Dr. Peter Toumba, D.C.

Dr. Peter Toumba knew he wanted to be a chiropractor from... Read More>>

Dr. Fusheng Zhao

Dr. Fusheng Zhao

Dr. Fusheng Zhao is an advocate of wellness and... Read More>>

Your body is your best doctor. We work to empower your body to repair and heal itself, and function optimally.

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We are proud to accept most major medical insurance plans. Our Insurance Verification Experts will investigate your specific plan benefits for you. And it's easy to get started! Simply click the button to submit your insurance information and we'll get the ball rolling.

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What Our Patients Say


Dr. Rilette is the best. He spends more time with me than any other chiropractor I've been to and I never have to wait for him to see me. He has many techniques he uses  and has me feeling better than ever. Do yourself a favor and make an appointment.


Henry A.


I've been living with severe neck and shoulder pain for so long that I couldn't do basic things that most people take for granted, like looking up at the night sky or even changing a lightbulb. After only 2 visits I was not in any pain for the first time in years!


Tara C.


I have been seeing Dr. Goris for the past 4 years as my chiropractor! I have chronic back issues and he knows exactly what he's doing and what to target and is not your ordinary everyday chiropractor! I recommend him to EVERYONE.


Debra H.


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