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Upper Cervical Care

Upper Cervical Chiropractic is not only about adjustments of the spine or relieving symptoms, it is about living a life free of nerve interference. Care focuses on removing nerve interference to restore the vital communication between the brand the the body. Restoring function at the level of the upper cervical spine, where the brainstem ( or the control center of the body ) site is essential to the body utilizing its natural ability to heal itself and function at 100% with the nervous system functioning at an optimal level. The body will begin moving toward health and away from disease.

Here's What Happens

Upper Cervical Chiropractic Care

Structural misalignment causes spinal cord compression. When head tilt develops the body becomes imbalanced and the spinal cord is then compressed, restrictin the flow of health and healing messages from the brain to the body. This can cause paind and suffering and decrease the quality of your life.

Upper Cervical Care

The misalignment will create a tight and tense muscles. The imbalance caused by the head tilt will result in the muscles on one side of the neck becoming conracted and the muscles and ligaments on the other side of the neck being stretched.

Miss-alignment of the spineEventually, the misalignment of the upper cervical spine will force the rest of the body to compensate for that structural imbalance. As a result, there will be postural distortion. Every muscle, ligament, tendon, and bone in the body is in someway onnected and therfore when a structural imbalance is present the whole body is affected.

an aligned spine

Body Balance

The misalignment of the upper spine irritates the nervous system causing muscular tension, pain and suffering. When the body is balanced, there is no stress or tension on the spinal cord in the upper cervical spine. This allows the health and healing messages that travel from the brain to the body and the body back to the brain to flow uninterrupted.

When a head / neck mmisalignment is corrected and the body's balance is restored, the braing will be able to clearly communicate with the affected areas of the body. Immediatly muscles will begin to relax, blodd and oxygen circulation will increase and the natural self-healing process will begin. A balanced body will maintain at it's optimal level!