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Did You Know Your Body is Your BEST Doctor!

We all go to doctors at some point, but in reality your body is your best doctor. This is actually obvious once you give it some thought. For instance, if you cut yourself your body will begin the healing process by forming a blood clot. You dont have to do anything to start the process, it just happens! You can clean, disinfect, bandage or even stitch the area, but those actions are just aiding the body in its healing process.

Every minute of everyday, thousands of chemicals are produced and delivered throughout your body. The intelligence within yourself knows exactly how much to produce, when to produce it, and where to deliver it. Any unknown substance added can affect the distribution rate, levels and timing of your natural chemicals within your body. If you take a pain pill it effects your whole body, not just where it hurts and is just temporarily relieving a symptom, not repairing or healing the problem. Every time you have a headache, your body is not lacking Tylenol. So why are we so quick to turn to that instead of listening to what our body is trying to tell us. For example, that headache could be the result of dehydration, hunger, stress or a multitude of other thingsbut I promise it is not from the deprivation of Tylenol or Advil. So next time your body is telling you somethinglistenbecause in the long run it will improve your health.

The part of your body that controls the healing process, as well as every other process in your body, is your brain. It communicates with all the cells in your entire body through your brain stem, spinal cord and nerves. If anything interferes with the signals going to or from any cell in your body then that cell will be dysfunctional. What I do as a Upper Cervical chiropractor is locate and remove the interference so that your brain can communicate clearly with your body. Removing interference will then allow the body to repair and heal itself and enable it to function at its optimum level.

Yours in health,

Dr. Joshua Rilette
Doctor of Chiropractic & Wellness Consultant

Upper Cervical Family Chiropractic & Wellness